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Window Bird Feeders

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Tired of using binoculars when bird watching? Perhaps, it is time to use window feeders.

Window feeders are great for two reasons: you can stay indoors while watching the birds and you get up close and personal to the birds without disturbing their feeding session. It would be great to work on

Of course, using binoculars to clearly see the birds and their activities is a great thing to do to. The binoculars have the ability to see even the smallest bird that stops by your yard. Still, having the best window bird feeder attached to your clear wall might just be the answer to how best can you enjoy the colorful birds.

Bird feeding as a hobby became popular especially in places that get a lot of migrant birds during the year, spring and then summer. These feathery friends are not only cute but an absolute source of source of joy.

Available in various forms and shapes, these window feeders can be easily attached to your windows using strong suction cups to give you that ‘up close and personal’ experience with the birds.

Still, like any other feeder, it is important to read the fine prints and get inspiration from expert birders on which bird feeder is best for your type of window.

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